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Introduction of Japan Whistlers' Federation / Registered Whistlers / Sub-Registered Whistlers

The JWF Registered Whistlers is composed of Japan's most accomplished Whistlers.

Chihaya Kosugiyama

Kimiko Wakiyama

Kazuma Takahashi
When I was a little boy. I was fascinated with the songs that little birds sing. And I decided to whistle like them.
Im my youth. I felt comfortable when I whistled outside. Since then I'm enjoying singing. I played trombone in School band and I was the president of the band in 1995.

I worked as a whistle teacher in a private Institution. I was the first to offer "whistle class" in Japan, currently I teach in 13 different classes.

Whistling has its own unique sound, a clear, high tone with a touch of sadness/melancholy.

I appear on TV, in Newspapers and Magazines.
I work as a volunteer at nursing homes. I joined a Japan Philippine Cultural Exchange Concert in 2003.

Koujiro Murakami

Katsumi Aoi

 I was born in Sakamoto at the foot of Mount Hiei, in Shiga prefecture. That region is known for its traditional gAnouh style walls. In the woods at the back of my parentsf house, birds, different from season to season, were singing. When I was a child, I followed those birds, imitating their humming. Influenced by my mother who loved classical music, I entered the marching band in primary school, and began playing the trumpet in junior high school. Concerning whistling, I began around 8 years old. I liked to whistle regardless of peoplefs eyes, which made my parents angry.


 Around 2000, I began to search information about whistling on the internet, and met Mr. Urushibara.

 In 2002, I whistled for the first time in public, participating to the joint concert with Mr. Urushibara, at the bar gOne Steph. In March 2006, I joined him again for the concert called gWhistling Coloraturah sponsored by Aira Music Management. My highest note is Hi-F, probably the highest in Japan. I am good at harmonizing.

Toru Oguni

Akihiro Hayakawa

Ryosuke Takeuchi

Born in Tokyo

From the beginning of my life
I was influenced by music because my
parents owned a Music School!
Therefore, I was always hearing a variety of musical forms which
included principally Classical, Jazz, Rock and Folk music.
Probably as a result of this I have enjoyed all kinds of music as long
as it is good music.
Today I care my iPod starting with Jim Hendrix following with J.S.Bach
Cantata. Friends who have listened to my iPod have been very surprised to hear.

I am proud to be the grandson of Yamada-Koto teacher, Mrs. Kimi Osa.
Although I am not an expert, I often love to listen to "Hougaku"
Japanese Traditional Music.
Music is my life and also includes being part of the Choir of Tokyo
Oratorio Society where we perform mostly Classical music.
Anolher group I participate in is an Amateur Jazz Group called
"Pressures" and there I play clarinet. Our director is the famous
saxophonist Mr. Kaoru Akimoto.

Now about whistling, I started that when I was just a boy in elementary
school I started to whistle without anybody teaching me and I just loved it.

I remember the first song I learned. It was Harry Belafonte's "Jamaica Farewell".
These days, I challenge myself with music from Instrumental to Baroque.

Ryosuke Takeuchi
Whistler / Scenery Photographer / Computer System Engineer (Unix-Java, Mac...)

Personal website: http://www.studioRT.net/

Cris Toyohashi

Kuchibue Taro
Taro Kuchibue

Born in Osaka, in 1966.

Grown up with various musical instruments since his childhood and started to
play Whistle by influence of his big brother.

His carrer as a whistler started with a recording of BGM for a TV drama.
While joining some recordings as a whistler, Taro formed "Kuchibue Taro Duo"
with a guitarist. They are now performing at a cafe in Tokyo every month.

In November 2007, released POP album "Like the Chicks Groovin' in the Wind"
with songs played with a guitar and whistle. He and his album were picked up
by medias such as TV, radio, papers and magazines and acquired high

Sub-Registered Whistlers is also considered the most accomplished whistlers, picture are not available for this session.
Whistlers under the age 18 will be classified in this category, otherwise authorized by parents or responsible.

Momoko Yamamoto

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