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"The 35th International Whistlers Convention 2008 in Japan"

(IWC2008) Information

General Information

  • The 35th Annual International Whistlers Convention  (IWC)  will be held in July 2008 in Japan.

  • The Convention will be held in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture (60 min from Ueno Station, Tokyo). Most events will be at the Culture Hall (approx. 1,200 capacity) of the Central Lifelong Learning Center.

  • During the four days, besides the fast moving and exciting rounds of the competition, there will also be a Whistling School, recitals, and concerts. (The main competition, recitals and concerts will be held at the Culture Hall.)

  • Participants' recordings will be screened before the competition. Entry is open to anyone wishing to submit a recording of their whistling performance. (Any whistlers may enter; however, specialty whistling techniques such as tooth whistling, tongue whistling, throat whistling, finger whistling, and grass whistling, is reserved for the Allied Arts category -- Please refer to the "Entry" page for more detail.)

  • The International Whistlers Convention 2008 will be hosted by the Japan Whistlers' Federation (JWF).

Culture Main Hall

Kokusai Kuchibue Taikai "]

  • The International Whistlers Convention has a long history. It has been held in Louisburg, North Carolina, USA, for 34 years. The convention focuses on competitions which include both popular and classical music styles. It also provides an opportunity for the host school to present its students in concert. These conventions, which were held annually until 2005 and are now held every two years, are a Mecca for the international whistling community.

  • In the 34th International Whistlers Convention (April 2007), there were over 50 participants from 10 different countries. Japan was the winner in 5 different divisions and 4 of these winners were JWF Registered whistlers.

Male Adult Division

2nd Place

Female Adult Division

1st Place

Teenager Male Division

1st Place

Children Division

1st Place

Allied Arts Female Category

2nd Place

  • Japan is proud to host the first International Whistlers Convention outside of Louisburg, USA.


  • All events are designed to provide an opportunity to pursue music through whistling and to expand musical experience.

  • Whistling School Classes allow us to discover the wonder of performance using a natural instrument available to anyone, namely the ability to whistle.

  • @The Convention:
    - provides a place for small groups of whistlers to participate in performances and encourages the establishment of more whistling groups.
    - provides an opportunity to hear top whistlers from around the world.
    - aims to search out and encourage outstanding new whistlers.
    - gives motivation to all whistlers around the world to improve their whistling skills.
    - provides a place to share the art of whistling between participants from both overseas and Japan.


  • Entrants from overseas who have previously participated in the Convention are not required to submit a recording. They will be seeded.

  • Details such as categories and judging standards will be announced shortly, but will probably follow those of IWC in the USA. Please refer to the IWC Website for more information.

  • Japanese entrants who win a high-level prize will qualify for the 36th Convention which will be held in Louisburg, USA, in 2009 (IWC2009).


  • Japanese entrants for IWC2009 will be selected within Japan by the JWF, not the FCAC (Franklin County Arts Council, the host of IWC in the USA).

  • Japanese entrants cannot submit their applications to the FCAC without going through the JWF.

  • Domestic selection for the remaining places will be done using recorded submissions. However, as the Adult Male category is expected to be highly competitive, we will recommend high-level prize winners from IWC2008 first. Also, Japanese high-level prize winners from IWC2007 will be seeded.


  • For Inquiries regarding IWC2008, please e-mail us.

  • Updated: Feb.6th.2008